New billet intake manifolds now available.

The original Corsa Veloce billet intake manifolds were released over 10 years ago and subsequently turned the Subaru WRX/STI performance world on it’s head. That was a long time ago and technology marches forward. Now in the year 2020 with new manufacturing technologies and a customer base with higher expectations, Corsa Veloce brings you the “Competizione” and Stradale” billet intake manifolds.

For Subaru EJ performance engines, both manifolds are designed to take maximum advantage of boost to increase engine volumetric efficiency. This has the effect of reducing heat stress on the entire induction and exhaust systems, resulting in less heat, lower intake temperatures, denser charge air, lower combustion and exhaust temperatures, more performance from the turbo an more durable engine for a given power output.

The “Stradale” version (above) is suitable for aggressive street and mild track use with a power curve that doesn’t compromise driveability. As a bonus the weight comes in at slightly less than the factory STI manifold, a very large reduction over it’s predecessors.

The “Competizione” version (above) is suitable for competitive track use and 1/4 mile times. Being a reverse throttle configuration allows for short intercooler plumbing assisting the installation of high CFM vertical flow intercoolers. A slight compromise lower in the rev range compared to the “Stradale” manifold is more than made up for with aggressive power in the mid and upper rev range. Weight has been drastically reduced, now at a mere 600 grams more than the STI manifold.

Both manifolds have had their physical appearance overhauled for the year 2020 and beyond.

New beginning, new focus, new designs.

Since the initial release of the Corsa Veloce range of performance products the founder has been working behind closed doors & behind the scenes. After assessing the current global market Corsa Veloce has concluded the market is lacking in certain areas.

With access to the latest in computerised manufacturing techniques and testing facilities Corsa Veloce is currently developing an updated and new range of high quality products. With focus on the turbocharged Subaru EJ series of engines & the Impreza WRX/STI platform expect nothing but the best in performance, aesthetics and lightweight but durable design.